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[7-2] Calamitous-Intent
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June 26th, 2017, 11:47 pm

We are launching a complete new set of alliance services, using the AllianceAuth platform to tie everything together. A little information:

AllianceAuth (hereafter referred to as 'Auth') - a Python-based authentication platform to tie together several different services for an EVE alliance. It was originally written for "The 99 Percent" alliance, but was made public. It not only ties authentication for multiple services together, but it also has other built-in functions, such as Fleet-UP doctrine fetching, HR management, and a timerboard.
phpBB - our new forum platform (ie: what you are reading this post on right now). All of the user accounts and posts were migrated from the previous platform
Discord - nothing about this is changing other than Auth is managing the roles
Mumble - popular communications alternative to Teamspeak. We are going to be making use of Mumble as our primary communications platform, at least in the short term. If everyone likes it, we'll stick with it. Otherwise we may eventually go to an Auth-managed Teamspeak server

You are probably wondering how to get this all setup. Here's how!

I. AllianceAuth
  1. Go to the services main page:
  2. Click on the 'auth' link
  3. When registering for the first time, you cannot use the EVE SSO link to do so. Instead, click on the green button to Register.
  4. Enter the required information on the page: username, password, confirm password, email, and confirm email, then click Register. You will then be taken to the main auth dashboard.
  5. At this point you have an Auth account, however you can't access anything because you need to add an API key first. In the center of the page you will see a green button to add an API key. Click on it.
  6. Since you are a non-blue, click the link to create a full API key.

  7. This will open a new tab to the EVE API management page. Sign into the account that has your main.
  8. On the create pre-defined page, change NO options other than naming the key (something like 'AllianceAuth') and checking the box for no expiry. Click submit at the bottom once done.
  9. Copy the key ID and verification code from the key you just created back to the Auth form, and click Add Key.
  10. Congrats! You now have an activated Auth account. From here on, you can choose to either sign in with the username and password you created, or the EVE SSO form.
II. phpBB (forums)

IMPORTANT! If you had an account on the previous forums, please proceed DIRECTLY to #2. DO NOT follow #1 as it will mess up access to your old forum account and the corresponding post count and private messages.
  1. While signed into Auth, click on Services on the left hand side. In the row for phpBB Forum, click the check button on the right. This will create a forum account for you and assign a random password. Click Continue and you will be redirected back to the Services page. You can click the pencil (edit) button on the phpBB Forum row to edit the password to whatever you wish. You can then login and begin using the forums - your access permissions are automatically assigned.
  2. If you had an account on the previous forums, contact either myself (Razor Z) or Vanderie via Discord, private message, or post a new topic on the Need Access board. Your Auth account must be manually tied to your existing phpBB user account. Once we have completed this we will contact you back with your username (if it has changed). Your password will remain the same as it always was.
III. Discord

IMPORTANT! At this time, DO NOT attempt to link your Discord account via Auth. The setup has not yet been completed and if you do so, all of your Discord channel access will be removed and will require manual intervention for them to be restored. This topic will be updated when the Discord link has been completed.

IV. Mumble
If you do not already have it installed, you can download the latest version of Mumble (1.2.19 at the time of this post) at the main page at Once you have downloaded and installed the client, go to the Auth Services page to activate your account. On the Mumble row, click the check button on the right to create an account and random password. Click Continue and you will be redirected back to the Auth services page. Just like the forums, you can use the pencil (edit) button on the Mumble row to set the password to whatever you want it to be. Once that is done, you are ready to sign in. Launch the client, and use the following to sign in:

Label: Name the server whatever you want to call it
Port: 64738 (default)
Username: The username from the Mumble row on the Auth Services page
Password: The password that you set it from Auth
Click Ok and you will be signed in. All channels have been duplicated from Teamspeak, so the layout should be very familiar to you.

There are a few things that you should do once getting Mumble setup in order to ensure smooth operation:
  1. Go to Configure - Settings
  2. Click the Advanced checkbox in the lower left
  3. On Audio Input
    1. drag the Quality slider under Compression all the way up to 96.0 kb/s. This will ensure the highest quality will be sent from your client to the server, as well as to everyone else.
    2. Change the Transmit dropdown to Push To Talk
  4. On User Interface, under Channel Tree on the right, change Expand to All. This will expand all channels by default so that you can see them all at once.
  5. Under Shortcuts, click Add, then change the Unassigned shortcut to Push-to-Talk, then setup your desired Push To Talk key
In addition to authenticated accounts, the server has enabled the ability to join as a guest using the same password that Teamspeak does now (dunkingnerds). These guests will only have access to the public channels; they will need to be manually dragged to the locked, private ones.

If you have any questions or have any problems whatsoever, please reply here or contact myself or Vanderie directly for assistance.

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